Recent Mixes

Hardstyle Mix (18#01)

Look who’s still alive (spoiler: it’s me). Felt the urge to mix something again, so here it is!

Hardstyle Mix (17#52)

Ending the year with some wonderful euphoric hardstyle vibes, focusing on my favourites, but with some new sounds as well, happy new year!

UK Hardcore Mix (17#51)

Speeding things up but keeping ‘em uplifting, let’s head into an hour of UK Hardcore!

Handsup Mix (17#50)

Time for some uplifting melodies, with some handsup

Raw Hardstyle Mix (17#49)

Still playing a game of catch(-up), so catch these raw hard beats!

Euphoric Hardstyle Mix (17#48)

It’s been a while, but let’s catch up on the last few sets of the year starting off with some euphoric vibes!

Raw Hardstyle Mix (17#47)

The ting goes skra, and so does this raw hardstyle set, enjoy!

Euphoric Hardstyle Mix (17#46)

Another euphoric hardstyle set for the dark & gloomy winter, and just because I can.

Handsup Mix (17#45)

Put your hands up for an hour of handsup goodness!

Raw Hardstyle Mix (17#44)

We’re going raw & hard this week, bringing you an hour of raw hardstyle!